'Interior design for me is about creating art to live in and helping to design environments that make our lives happier and more beautiful'

my two approaches to interior design (formal & informal)

my formal design approach is ideal for people that have limited time due to busy lives or people that would prefer a designer to carry out the full design process, from ideas through to final concept.

Beginning with a meeting, where all areas of a project will be discussed from function, style, budget through to vision. Additional meetings may be required for larger projects.  

three design options will then be produced for you to select or even combine. These will be presented in the form of a mood board, including layouts, colours, fabrics, furniture and accessories. Following the presentation, you will then have the opportunity to select one design, that can be developed further, a final design will then be produced clarifying your selection. You may then choose to execute the design yourself or choose to utilise my skills and experience to help source the fabrics, furniture and accessories to draw the whole scheme together

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informal design approach

So many of us often have so many lovely ideas, but with such a wonderful selection of styles out there, pin pointing your favourite can sometimes be really very difficult. Even when you have chosen a look and style that appeals to you, it can then be a very daunting process to make your final decision in order to bring your ideas together to create a scheme that works. 

This is where I offer you a unique and enjoyable design journey that will enable you to transition from initial imagery into reality; making your space look and feel as you always hoped it would. 

My informal interior design technique consists of a relaxed approach in helping you to choose the perfect design for your project. This is generally achieved over the course of three meetings, although this can of course be many more depending on the project.

The initial meeting is to get to know you and your exciting project and to discover your ideas and aspirations for the design  

In between the first meeting and the second. A personal Pinterest board, unique to you will be created. Where I will endeavour to provide additional inspiration that I feel may help with the project.

A second meeting will then be arranged approximately 1-2 weeks later. Where we will begin to explore many different ideas and possible styles that may be suitable. 

Final meeting

This meeting will concentrate on details by choosing a specific colour scheme, possible fabrics, furniture and accessories, and I would hope that together we can create a wonderful scheme that is both beautiful and personal to you. 

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'Please note the above is just a rough guide to what you can expect, as every client is so individual, each project develops and grows in many different ways. I am always more then happy to work in what ever way works best for a specific project.'