As founder of Hattie Hatfield Decorative Antiques & Interiors in 2007, I have always had a passion for design and the creative world. I studied Fashion design at Art college and then Visual Communication Design at University in London, majoring in Illustration. It soon became evident through my studies, as much as I loved to produce 2D works to hang on the wall or to go into print, I was far more interested in the environment they would be hung or viewed in, often creating full 3D Art installations that the audience could fully immerse themselves within.

So with a background in Fashion, a degree in Visual Communication Design and a love for Textiles and Decorative Antiques, a path into Interior Design was a natural one to follow.  I now have the opportunity to combine all disciplines, and design 3D Art installations in the form of beautiful spaces, that help communicate the personal message the client is wishing to deliver.  

For me Interior Design  is about creating Art to live in.. 

I adore developing schemes that are unique, and sourcing wonderful antique & vintage pieces that hold an undeniable charm. This is often my favourite part of a project, finding individual timeless pieces that each tell their own story and combined can create a beautiful message.

Interior Design for me is not about instant makeovers, but slowly creating a space that feels inviting and full of warmth. Choosing every individual piece with great care is so important, as I believe the devil really is in the detail! 

My personal style often involves combining natural rustic materials with beautiful detailed pieces, which I hope helps to create relaxed, comfortable yet elegant spaces.

Inspired by classic English, French, Swedish & Belgium design.

I live with Iain, my antique hunting partner, along with our two children, Tillia and Tobias, one adorable vizsla and a little black cat called William

Hattie Hatfield would also not be complete without Kathleen Hatfield Counsell, who brings so much to the company through her creative and natural artistic talents.  

Emma Hatfield Watkins  x x x